Audience as Subject, Part 1: Medium

octobre 25, 2010

Audience as Subject, Part 1-« Turn On, » 2004.
Color DVD, 3 min 33 sec.*

Audience as Subject, Part 1: Medium is presented as part of YBCA’s Big Idea « DARE: Innovations in art, action, audience. » Organized by Betti-Sue Hertz, YBCA Director of Visual Arts, Audience as Subject is a two-part exhibition that reverses the role of the audience from that of spectator to subject, exposing the dramatic mechanisms underlying public gatherings of people. By focusing the viewer’s attention on the characteristics and behaviors of individuals in a group environment—body language, facial expressions, attitudes, gestures and actions—the artists challenge our perceptions about participation in civic life. They reveal what we collectively become when we gather together to participate in a common experience and investigate the effect this process has on our individuality. The two parts of the exhibition will take place at YBCA over a period of approximately two years. Part 1 explores medium-sized audiences in such venues as concert halls, theaters and lecture halls. Part 2 examines the differences between large audiences, such as those attending sporting events, political rallies and outdoor performances, with audiences for smaller, more intimate events, including television viewing and computer interaction.

Artists include caraballo-farman, Stefan Constantinescu, Danica Dakić, Adrian Paci, Shizu Saldamando, Gabriel Acevedo Velarde and Ulla von Brandenburg.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street
San Francisco CA 94103

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