The Suburban Home as Vehicle for an Architectural Manifesto.

avril 23, 2012


When talking about the suburbs, we can think on many concepts: urban sprawl, area outside a town or city, inner political boundaries, and consumption among others. The first well-known suburbs were born in North America exploded during the post-World War II economic expansion. In the current times the most obvious economic expansion worldwide is the Internet, and for Andreas Angelidakis, the internet is the new suburban home we’re living in, represented by the accumulation of all the things we do on-line. The relationship between capitalism and utopia has been on the focus of architects interest starting with Manfredo Tafuri until the most recent project by WAI Think Tank. All of these concepts and ideas are part of Angelidakis’ main focus on his project Domesticated Mountain, exhibited at GloriaMaria Gallery. We can read the following description:

Domesticated Mountain is the story of citizens grewing up in an undefined…

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