Strategy and Tactics in Public Space

juin 10, 2012


















The public space, according to Hannah Arendt  (1906-1975) is a place for action, a place where democracy is exercised. Following this idea and based on the current social context (camp outs, demonstrations, the uprisings in Northern Africa, etc.) this publication, under the title Strategy and Tactics in Public Space is devoted to the analysis of the public space as a field for social action, whether peaceful or not. It tackles strategy and tactics as tools for action, their agents and their modus operandi. It also includes tactical urban design projects from all the continents

In the latest issue in the Strategy series, a+t extends its field of research to the system of tactics. Javier Mozas develops the system of tactics applied to public space offering his view of the actors involved, the modus operandi and the realms in which it takes place. Based on this view a+t has chosen 8 tactical actions which it considers to be action types, including low-cost self-building, farming the city and aspiring to utopia. Included in this issue are projects by Atelier Bow-Wow, BIG, Superflex, and Topotek1 among many others.


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