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The Johannesburg Play/Urban residency is taking place at the King Kong building in New Doornfontein (VANSA & Parking Gallery space) from the 27th of August until the 22 of September, during the French-South Africa Season.

This residency is the first of a series (the second one will take place in Strasbourg in October 2013). It will be a collective process (moments of work in a large group, see the list of participants) but will also allow participants to develop personal research areas. These projects will be continued throughout the year between Johannesburg and Strasbourg, and also Kinshasa.
The Johannesburg residency will be one month long. Its principle aim is to engage with the inner city of Johannesburg on a series of experimentations in urban space. These experimentations will be anchored by artists living and working in Joburg on a long term basis : (Dorothée Kreutzfeldt & Bettina Malcomess, Selo Pesa, the Keleketla ! Library collective, the Parking Gallery, Vansa, Donna Kukama and others). Public visibility moments (talks, debates, projections, exhibitions…) will take place on every Wednesday at 18:30 and simultaneously in many other places in the city (Drill Hall, the Substation at Wits… and also in public spaces). In between, each group, mixing students, artists, researchers, will define the form, the temporality and the visibility of its projects. The relation to audiences and inhabitants is a central element of Play/Urban, common to all the projects. Some visibilities will be highly public, others will be more discreet in the urban space.

« Play>Urban is a collaborative project initiated by two art schools, ESAD Strasbourg and WITS School of Arts, with VANSA involved in an advisory role. Play>Urban critically explores creative practice as a form of research. The first in a series of residencies is planned for September 2012 in Johannesburg and will involve collaborations between students, teachers, artists, researchers and cultural activists, who will be exploring urban spaces in the Johannesburg CBD.

Play>Urban web site

and follow the Joburg’s residency on Facebook group Play>Urban