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septembre 28, 2012








Du 15 au 22 octobre 2012, de 12h à 19h30, Théâtre de Hautepierre (anciennement Maillon Hautepierre)

Dans un moment de grands travaux de rénovation urbaine à Hautepierre, l’association Horizome propose, lors de son temps fort annuel, un assemblage de productions artistiques, sociologiques et urbaines: Installations vidéo et sonore de Rossella Piccinno et Zahra Poonawala (artistes en résidence), dispositif multimédia autour de la rénovation urbaine, projet participatif d’aménagement place Erasme, présentation du « détour de France » par le collectif ETC… Ces oeuvres transdisciplinaires mettent en avant la vie qui continue, la constance du quotidien, les adaptations des habitants: Ce haut-parler des mémoires, ces images qui témoignent des visages, des parcours, de l’endurance, de la fabrication quotidienne de la vie.


septembre 28, 2012


I have finished reading Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape, an exhibition catalogue published by the Walker Arts Center in 2008 for the exhibition Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape. I realise that I am 4 years behind in discussing the exhibition and catalogue but I started reading Worlds Away because, as much as I deny it, I currently live in the suburbs. I would like to preface that statement by saying the small city I live in is sub-urban to Vancouver but is quite different to the many suburban communities that surround us. However, one thing that I have experienced is that the perception of where I live is suburban and along with that comes many preconceptions both good and bad. However, I have observed two stereotypes that really do seem to prevail here: 1) everyone drives a car EVERYWHERE (even if it is a 5 minute walk and it will…

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septembre 27, 2012

The Play>Urban residency ended on 22 september by an final presentation at Vansa, here a post about it…


It sometimes takes a foreigner to make you see the familiar with new eyes. In Joburg, often, as much as we like to think that we’re engaged in this city, and all it’s myriad aspects and peoples, we’re often actually not at all; rather living in bubbles of routine and habit. We pass by extraordinary things, every day, whilst rushing to wherever it is we need to rush to. On street corners, parks, pavements and roads, life happens. And mostly we’re too busy rushing by to notice.

The Play>Urban residency exchange brings together French and South African artists and challenges them to reinterpret the city, Johannesburg, through creative practice, performance, randomness, collective action, collaboration; play.

Play: 1 [ intrans. ] engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose ; • amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense

The closing exhibition for the 2012 Play>Urban…

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