septembre 27, 2012

The Play>Urban residency ended on 22 september by an final presentation at Vansa, here a post about it…


It sometimes takes a foreigner to make you see the familiar with new eyes. In Joburg, often, as much as we like to think that we’re engaged in this city, and all it’s myriad aspects and peoples, we’re often actually not at all; rather living in bubbles of routine and habit. We pass by extraordinary things, every day, whilst rushing to wherever it is we need to rush to. On street corners, parks, pavements and roads, life happens. And mostly we’re too busy rushing by to notice.

The Play>Urban residency exchange brings together French and South African artists and challenges them to reinterpret the city, Johannesburg, through creative practice, performance, randomness, collective action, collaboration; play.

Play: 1 [ intrans. ] engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose ; • amuse oneself by engaging in imaginative pretense

The closing exhibition for the 2012 Play>Urban…

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