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août 29, 2012














The Johannesburg Play/Urban residency is taking place at the King Kong building in New Doornfontein (VANSA & Parking Gallery space) from the 27th of August until the 22 of September, during the French-South Africa Season.

This residency is the first of a series (the second one will take place in Strasbourg in October 2013). It will be a collective process (moments of work in a large group, see the list of participants) but will also allow participants to develop personal research areas. These projects will be continued throughout the year between Johannesburg and Strasbourg, and also Kinshasa.
The Johannesburg residency will be one month long. Its principle aim is to engage with the inner city of Johannesburg on a series of experimentations in urban space. These experimentations will be anchored by artists living and working in Joburg on a long term basis : (Dorothée Kreutzfeldt & Bettina Malcomess, Selo Pesa, the Keleketla ! Library collective, the Parking Gallery, Vansa, Donna Kukama and others). Public visibility moments (talks, debates, projections, exhibitions…) will take place on every Wednesday at 18:30 and simultaneously in many other places in the city (Drill Hall, the Substation at Wits… and also in public spaces). In between, each group, mixing students, artists, researchers, will define the form, the temporality and the visibility of its projects. The relation to audiences and inhabitants is a central element of Play/Urban, common to all the projects. Some visibilities will be highly public, others will be more discreet in the urban space.

« Play>Urban is a collaborative project initiated by two art schools, ESAD Strasbourg and WITS School of Arts, with VANSA involved in an advisory role. Play>Urban critically explores creative practice as a form of research. The first in a series of residencies is planned for September 2012 in Johannesburg and will involve collaborations between students, teachers, artists, researchers and cultural activists, who will be exploring urban spaces in the Johannesburg CBD.

Play>Urban web site

and follow the Joburg’s residency on Facebook group Play>Urban


Playing the City / interviews

juillet 1, 2012


















Including fifty-one artist interviews and texts by Matthias Ulrich and Nato Thomson

From 2009 to 2011, the Schirn’s three-part project “Playing the City” exhibited an enormous array of public art. Covert guerrilla events, spectacular surprises, temporary meeting spots—more than fifty projects appropriated Frankfurt’s downtown center and involved the public in varying ways. Fifty-eight international artists and artist groups presented a wide range of works—many of them conceived especially for the project—including performances, happenings, sculptures, installations, workshops, markets, rallies, and demonstrations.

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Campement Urbain : Je et Nous, un lieu de solitude désirée

février 26, 2012










le projet  » Je et Nous » se définit comme cette tentative, celle de construire un lieu qui appartienne à tous et en appartenant à tous, n’appartienne à personne.


décembre 16, 2011

Dans le cadre de « e.cité – Gdansk »  organisé par  Apollonia s’est déroulé à l’initiative de l’atelier arts plastiques de l’ENSAS et du pôle Espaces publics de l’ESADS du 17 novembre au 8 décembre le workshop DRAWIN(G) THE CITY

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Artiste invitée : Dominika Skutnik

Enseignants : François Duconseille (ESADS), Laurent Reynès (ENSAS)

Etudiants: Estelle Basalo, Emeline Chatellier, Nastassia Szymczak, Anthony D’Alessandro , Gabin Lebeau

photographies: Marek Frankowski


septembre 27, 2011









Candy Chang is passionate about public space and the ways we can make it our own. She has worked with street art stickers, fill-in-the-blank post-it notes, temporary sidewalk stencils and and community chalkboards, all of them community activators to provide cheap and flexible platforms of communication. The following selection of projects are a fantastic example of direct and quickly implementable public installations in which existing resources, people, and energy can come together in new and empowering ways.

studioBASAR / Bucarest

février 15, 2011


















studioBASAR is an architectural studio established in 2006 by Cristi Borcan and Alex Axinte.

studioBASAR is a ’search and rescue’ team, acting as an agent of architectural observation and intervention.

studioBASAR developed ’search and rescue’ (SAR): CITY method, as a strategic survey turned into an action program, investigating the dynamics of the modern city.

les souffleurs / commandos poétiques

janvier 30, 2011





e-cités / Bucarest

novembre 28, 2010











parution du catalogue e-cités / Bucarest

130 p dont 20 consacrées au workshop « quand l’art et l’architecture s’en mêlent » mené avec des étudiants de l’ESADS (Espaces Publics) et de l’ENSAS par Irina Botea et Calin Dan du 2 au 5 novembre.

catalogue disponible à Apollonia

Bruit du frigo / L’isthme de beaudésert

décembre 7, 2009

Bruit du frigo
a le plaisir de vous inviter le 18 décembre à 18h00

A l’inauguration  de La Criée, dans le quartier Beaudésert à Mérignac.
une première construction du projet d’aménagement temporaire qui prendra place, en juin, sur le terrain vague, rue des Marronniers.

Un projet Bruit du frigo en collaboration avec le Centre Social et Culturel de beaudésert, dans le cadre d’une commande la Ville de Mérignac, avec le soutien du Conseil Régional Aquitaine, du Conseil Général de la Gironde, de la CAF et  de l’entreprise Wurth.

A suivre en février : le film de Samuel Boche retraçant notre intervention dans ce quartier se poursuit… second Grand Casting pour recruter une équipe d’habitants-concepteurs du projet d’aménagement à venir.